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  Frankenmuth Skatepark Association


What's New




This site is dedicated for giving information to those involved in the design, construction, and use of Frankenmuth Skatepark.

We have been meeting for over a year now.But we have yet to decide upon designers
and contractors.
Right now money is the problem.

We are probably going to use moveable ramps and share it with ice hockey in the winter

Everyone is welcome to our next Skate Park meeting
which is going to be on October 7,2002 at 7:30pm at the
Frankenmuth United Methodist Church at 346 Vates.

We want a Park for inline skaters and skateboarders to use.

Check back often to see the News and about future meetings

We need all kinds of Skaters!
If you ice skate, play street or ice hockey,
just plain inline skate or skateboard.
You are welcome to attend our meetings.
We are planning a facility that includes
all these sports. So come give us your input.